The Highball

The Highball

The Highball is your destination for memorable nights in Austin, located at Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar. Grab yourself a craft beer or custom cocktail, enjoy some flavorful bites, take in a fabulous show, and become a star yourself in our karaoke rooms.

Several dining booths with dark gold colored tables and dark red vinyl seats. On the black walls are patterns of hexagon mirrors and vertical triangles, both with white trim.
A bar with a glossed wooden countertop and a bar wall with red vinyl cushioning, surrounded by cushion gold bar seats. Behind the bar are various bottles of liquors, spirits and mixers. Behind the bar's seating, to the right, is a wooden dancefloor with bowling lane markers in some spots.
A girl wearing a bright short-haired pink wig with curly antennas that appears to be made of pipe cleaners and a crown on top of her head, round dark sunglasses, orange shirt and short-sleeved black overcoat raises one fist in the air while hold a microphone in the other is singing on stage. To the right of her, directly behind, is a spinner wheel with several songs listed such as "Danger Zone", "Eye of The Tiger", and "Hungry Like The Wolf". The spinner's pointer is on "Singer's Choice". On the stage's screen are the song lyrics "Saturday night's alright, alright, alright, Oooooh......"

Beers & Cocktails

An angled shot of several bar taps for many different beers on draft.
Behind the bar is a large array of various liquors, spirits, and mixers, along with several unique beer taps.
You can’t throw a stone in Austin without hitting a brewery, and we’re doing our best to add as many hoppy, malty, local brews to our tap wall as possible. Our cocktail menu is also filled with thoughtfully crafted libations perfect for turning anyone into a karaoke star.
A bright orange neon sign of the word "KARAOKE", with an underline that become a trailing line that becomes an arrow pointing down, is glowing.
An occult temple themed room with a crimson red ceiling, black walls surrounded by stainglass windows of an inverted cross, shaped like an upside down shield. On the wall, just above in the center is a solid red pentagram with the design of a goat within the five-pointed star. In all three sides of the shown room are wooden pews.


Get your sing on in one of our seven themed and world-famous private karaoke rooms, rentable by the hour.

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Corner of a blacklit room with glowing beams of light shining on the walls. In the corner are cushioned vinyl seats next to a table that is glowing white.

Dancing and more!

Whether you like busting a move on the dance floor, testing your movie knowledge at trivia night, taking in an unforgettable show on the stage, or putting on your own concert in a karaoke room, The Highball is where unforgettable nights are made.

Several couples are dancing on a wooden dancefloor with various bowling markers. On the stage facing the dance is a velvet-colored curtain with the words "Hollywood Revue" projected upon it, with a jazz band on stage playing.

Geeks Who Drink

Every Wednesday
Starting at 8:00PM
Geeks Who Drink

Think you're clever? Try us.

Modeled after pub quizzes in Ireland and the U.K., Geeks Who Drink is an authentic homegrown trivia quiz. It’s a great way to drink with friends, without burning brain cells. And it’s where useless knowledge means everything.

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Upcoming Events


Test: Single Day

Starting at 6:00PM

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Test: Date Range, No Event Time

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The Really Far Out and Long Festival

6:00 PM - Midnight

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A ceiling that looks like it was made of wood from a bowling lane adorns a chandelier below a four dark red colored vinyl dining seats next to gold colored tables, surrounded by dark teal walls.

Hours & Location

1120 S Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78704
(512) 383-8309

Sunday - Wednesday: 5pm - 11pm
Thursday - Saturday: 5pm - 12am

Monday - Wednesday: 5pm - 11pm
Thursday & Friday: 5pm - 12am
Saturday:  2pm - 12am
Sunday: 2pm - 11pm
A fixed glittering gold bowling ball with a stylized "HB" logo in black emblazoned on it. In the background is a red vinyl booth below a hexagon-shaped mirror with white trim.Hanging above a building entrance is a glowing sign in the shape of The Highball logo.